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Gudrun Thorlaksdottir Íslandi is a nurse, authorized for cosmetic injection treatments with non-permanent Fillers, Skinboosters and Botox. She graduated as a nurse at Aarhus School of Nursing in 2002.

She has experience from the Infectious Diseases Department at Skejby Hospital, Intensive Awakening Aarhus Municipal Hospital, the Department of Plastic Surgery in Iceland, and from the Private General Practitioner Center in Reykjavik, Iceland. In addition, Gudrun has many years of experience teaching Anatomy and physiology and Lifesaving first aid.

In 2013, Gudrun began her career as a cosmetic nurse. She was trained as a Cosmetic Nurse in Norway and has since run a cosmetic clinic with Filler, Skinboosters and Botox treatments, now also chemical peels and SkinPen.

Gudrun has over the years participated in further education to stay up to date and learn the latest techniques and treatments. Combined with her experience, where she has an eye for detail, makes her very good at what she does.

Gudrun’s greatest joy is happy customers immediately after the treatment but nonetheless when she receives happy messages from customers and / or when they come back.



Gudrun is at Masterclass level at the Restylane manufacturer Galderma. She has achieved this with the many treatments she has made over many years.

In Denmark, you are always welcome to a free Preceding appointment where you and Gudrun discuss your needs. You will find out the possibilities and a plan will be drawn up for your treatments with Fillers, Skinbooster, Botox, Chemical peels and or SkinPen. Gudrun is registered with the Danish Agency for Patient Safety, to make injection treatments with fillers, skin boosters and botulinum toxin (botox).

Likewise she registered in the Health Data Register.

In Denmark Gudrun performs preceding appointment for fillers, skin boosters and peels and she does all treatments in the clinic. It is a requirement from SST that you have 48 hours of reflection time from the the Preceding appointment to your first treatment. The preceding appointment is free and without obligation

In Iceland you don‘t need Preceding appointment for your treatment, but feel welcome to send an sms or email, even with pictures, so that she can evaluate what treatment suits you and what it will cost.

Steen Sommer


Steen is an anesthesiologist specializing in cardiac surgery, intensive therapy and pain management.

The following only applies to the clinic in Denmark

You meet Steen for the preceding appointment for botox treatments. Steen visits the clinic once a month and performs preceding appointment for botox treatments. It is a requirement from SST in Denmark that you meet for preceding appointment at least 48 hours before your first treatment.

This is mandatory even if you have been treated with botox elsewhere. Gudrun does the actual botox treatment after the 48 hours have passed. The præ consultation is free of cost and without obligation.

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